Public & Products Liability Insurance

Protection for your business if found liable for third party injury and loss or damage to property arising from the services or products you supply.

Public and products liability insurance provide coverage for third party injury or property damage arising from your business activities.

The difference is that public liability relates to injury or property damage while you’re on the job, and products liability relates to injury or damage caused by any products you distribute, supply or manufacture.

Also known as broadform liability insurance it covers an insured’s business for the legal costs and compensation to a third party, resulting from death, injuries or property damage caused in the delivery of goods or the performance of services.

Why your business needs public & products liability insurance

A visitor to your transport depot trips and falls

An angle grinder manufactured by your company injures a customer in their home

An unregistered crane falls onto a truck and injuries the driver

A customer’s car is damaged during a regular service at your mechanic business

A customer trips over a step as they leave your home-based office

A customer becomes ill after eating at your cafe

Put simply, accidents happen. Consider these examples.

Public liability insurance isn’t compulsory in Australia. But anyone who has faced the potentially massive costs of liability claims knows the risks involved when you don’t have the appropriate insurances in place.

Don’t risk it.

See our Business Pack Insurance, and learn how we can help your unique situation.

What public and products liability doesn’t cover

Public liability insurance does not cover injuries or loss to your employees.

So, if one of your employees falls through a ceiling in a customer’s home, any injuries they receive will be covered under Worker’s Compensation, not your Public Liability Insurance.

The damage to the customer’s home will be covered under your public liability insurance. Punitive damages are also not covered, as well as criminal activities. 

All your business insurance needs can be tailored to suit your specific needs by the team at Bogacz Insurance Services.

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All your business insurance needs can be tailored to suit your specific needs by the team at Bogacz Insurance Services.

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