Marine Transit Insurance

Marine Transit or Carriers Load Insurance covers the third party owned goods you transport protecting you in the event of loss or damage to the goods during transit. Cover options available include Accidental Damage to ensure broad coverage or Defined Events for a more cost effective option.

Defined Events also gives you the choice of adding in some additional benefits that are usually automatically covered under the Accidental Damage policy such as Loading/Unloading, Shedding of Load, Theft/Pilferage/Non-Delivery, etc. By choosing only the options you want helps keep your premiums lower.

Need Marine Transit Insurance for your business?

Ensuring your policy covers the specific freight types you transport is important. Freight types can include heavy haulage, plant & machinery, quarry products such as sand & aggregates, grain, building products such as bricks, steel & timber, retail goods, tanker products (both liquids & dry powdered goods), cars/vehicles/boats/caravans, hazardous goods, general freight and many more.

For general freight carriers it is also important to understand exactly what your insurer classes as general freight. If you don’t disclose a freight type that’s specifically excluded as general freight by your insurer, they may be able to decline a claim. Bogacz Insurance Services can assist you in ensuring the correct freight types are listed on your policy so you can continue transporting freight without the concern of incorrect insurance.

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If your business uses vehicles for any purpose, whether that’s to pick up or deliver goods, visit customers, or collect the mail from your PO box, contact Bogacz Insurance Services to discuss your insurance needs.

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