Business Pack Insurance

One policy, full coverage

Business Pack insurance enables you to combined multiple risks under one policy

Business pack insurance is the ideal insurance solution for small to medium businesses and provides the flexibility to tailor your policy to your individual needs.

This insurance policy gives you one renewal date, meaning less paperwork and is often a cheaper alternative to having multiple insurance policies for the same business.

Business pack policies can vary between different insurers. Some policies won’t cover certain areas or cover certain risks up to a certain amount, while others may differ in the small print. That’s why Bogacz Insurance Services’ specialist brokers get to know your business so we can advise you on the right policy for your specific needs.

We look at all your risks, identify risk management strategies and help you choose the right insurance policy. If your business ever needs to make a claim, we will be there every step of the way.

I invite you to explore my website to learn more about the comprehensive range of insurance options I can tailor specifically for you.

Every business is different, so there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to business insurance.

Once we have a clear picture of your core asset and risk portfolio, we will develop a business pack insurance solution that aligns perfectly with the needs of your business.

Business pack insurance can provide protection for:

Material loss or damage

Designed to cover the physical loss or damage to your business assets (building, contents, and stock) at your premises from certain sudden, unexpected, or unforeseen occurrences (known as perils - fire, storm damage).

Note - flood cover is typically excluded from standard insurance products. However, if flood cover is something your business requires, talk to us today about options which may be available to you.

Public & products Liability

Public Liability can help cover a small business if their business incurs legal costs because a third party (customer or member of the public) sustains property damage or personal injury due to the small business’ operations and negligence. Product Liability helps protect a business if it has sold, supplied, or delivered goods that have caused injury, death, or damage.

Business interruption

Business interruption insurance can help you and your business recover and get back on track after an unexpected insurable event results in a loss of business income.

An insurable event generally includes damage to your premises, contents, equipment, or stock caused by fire, storm, cyclone, earthquake, impact, or accidental damage. A business interruption event can also be triggered by prevention of access to your premises or loss of access to public utilities.

It’s important to understand that if your business is dependent on machinery to generate an income, business interruption insurance is unlikely to cover equipment breakdown. Speak with us to ensure you’re covered for machinery breakdown.


Helps cover for the costs of replacing internal or external glass that is accidentally damaged or broken (windows and advertising signs).

General property (special risks)

Designed to cover loss or damage to portable property (for example laptops and tools).


Designed to cover the loss or damage to goods and stock that your business buys, sells or uses whilst they are in transit, in a vehicle owned or operated by you.

Machinery breakdown

Designed to cover mechanical breakdown of machinery equipment at your premises (air-conditioning unit, refrigeration equipment).


Helps cover loss of your contents and stock due to theft from forcible and violent entry to your premises.

Tax audit

Helps cover Accountant’s fees in connection with an audit of your business conducted by the Australian Taxation Office.


Designed to cover your business' money while on your premises and in transit.

Computer electronic equipment

Helps cover breakdown of electronic equipment at your premises (photocopiers, computers, point of sale equipment).

Employee dishonesty

Designed to cover loss of money or contents caused by theft, fraud, or dishonesty by your employees.

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