Transport Pack Insurance

Streamlining your transport insurance needs

Offering the convenience of less paperwork and the benefit of competitive pricing, a Transport Insurance Pack is ideal for small to medium businesses wanting to streamline their transportation insurance needs.

Combining four common insurance products for owners drivers and small to medium sized transport operators into one policy, transport pack insurance provides the coverage you need to keep the wheels of your business turning when situations don’t go to plan.

Speak with us today about how we can tailor a package that suits your requirements.

What transport pack insurance includes

Commercial motor insurance

If your business operates goods-carrying vehicles, from small rigids to prime movers, commercial motor insurance is essential.

Commercial policies reflect the fact that these vehicles are often driven in heavy traffic for long hours, transporting goods and covering significant kilometres, so these commercial policies reflect these increased risks.

Marine Transit Insurance

Marine Transit or Carriers Load Insurance covers the third party owned goods you transport protecting you in the event of loss or damage to the goods during transit. Two cover options available include Accidental Damage or Defined Events.

Public & products liability insurance

Also known as broadform liability insurance, public and products liability insurance provide coverage for third party injury or property damage that you might cause.

These insurance products cover an insured’s business for the legal costs and compensation to a third party, resulting from death, injuries or property damage caused in the delivery of goods or the performance of services.

Public liability relates to injury or property damage while you’re on the job, and products liability relates to injury or damage caused by any products you distribute, supply or manufacture.

Business interruption insurance

By far the most practical coverage relating to transport, business interruption insurance covers you from the loss of income while your vehicle is off the road due to damage caused by an insured event such as a vehicle accident.

It works in partnership with the commercial motor vehicle insurance in that it provides a form of income while the vehicle is off the road getting repaired. We can help you determine a suitable amount of coverage appropriate to your business.

Streamline your insurance today

Let us take the hassle out of insuring your business. Talk to us today about combining your insurances under one transport pack.
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