Commercial Motor Fleet Insurance

Commercial and motor fleet insurance to keeping your business moving

Bogacz Insurance Services are specialists in securing the right commercial motor fleet insurance for your business.

We have access to a range of commercial vehicle insurance policies that will give you the peace of mind your vehicles are protected should the unforeseen occur.

Whether you run a fleet of vehicles or your business uses heavy motor vehicles, motor cycles, cars, utes, trailers, light trucks, mobile machinery, vans, or a mixture of all, Bogacz Insurance Services has the expertise to put the right commercial vehicle insurance package together for your business.

Did you know your business can claim the cost of your commercial vehicle insurance premiums as a tax deduction?

Prove the insurance relates to your ability to earn an assessable income!

Types of Commercial Vehicle Insurance

The two main types of commercial vehicle insurance are motor fleet insurance which covers multiple business vehicles (usually around 15 vehicles but it varies depending on each insurer’s requirements) and commercial motor insurance which covers against damage and third-party property damage for single vehicles through to 10-15 vehicles (depending on insurers requirements).

The type of insurance you require will depend on the number of vehicles you need to cover and can be customised with options such as:


Full protection for your motor vehicle

Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT)

Offers all the protection of third-party property damage as well as additional fire and theft protection for your own motor vehicle

Third Party Property Damage (TPPD)

Basic level of protection covering you for damage that you cause to someone else’s car or property

Motor Fleet insurance

Finding the right level of cover for a big fleet of vehicles can be complicated and many business owners just don’t have the time to read the fine print.

When you speak with Bogacz Insurance Services, you’re dealing with a professional who understands the complex nature of motor fleet insurance. This means you can be confident that you have a tailored insurance package that covers the risks associated with your fleet.

Motor fleet insurance provides cover for your company’s motor vehicles or collection of vehicles without having to insure each vehicle individually. Further, motor fleet insurance is suitable for a range of different vehicle types and motor fleet sizes enabling you to manage all your company’s vehicles under the one policy.

Commercial motor insurance

Commercial motor insurance is essential for any company that has vehicles registered under a business name.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you have one car that only you use for business, that personal car insurance is enough. This is far from the truth and can result in significant financial hardship to small business owners. Some insurers may exclude cover for business registered vehicles under their private motor vehicle policies. This is why having a commercial motor insurance policy is important.

Commercial policies reflect the fact that these vehicles are often driven in heavy traffic for long hours, transporting goods or visiting clients, so these commercial policies reflect these increased risks.

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If your business uses vehicles for any purpose, whether that’s to pick up or deliver goods, visit customers, or collect the mail from your PO box, contact Bogacz Insurance Services to discuss your insurance needs.

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