Insurance FAQ


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Why choose Bogacz Insurance Services?

After getting to know you and your business, Bogacz can source the best insurance options for your needs, saving you time and hassle, and ensuring you have the correct cover.

We have access to a wide range of insurers and specialist underwriting agencies, some only accessible to insurance brokers. Our in depth knowledge of the market enables us to negotiate competitive insurance premiums on your behalf.

If you do need to lodge a claim, just give us a call and we will help you through the claims process to ensure you get your maximum entitlement.

Why use an insurance broker?

Some risks are easy to identify such as potential damage to physical property. Others are unforeseen until a claim is brought against you meaning if you are incorrectly insured you could be in trouble. In addition, with so much choice, it can be hard to know which provider or policy to choose.

By engaging a professional insurance broker, you are engaging the support and knowledge of a professional who understands the insurance market and can help you get the best policy for your needs. Acting on your behalf, they will also work with you ensure the best possible outcome in the event of a claim.

What is the difference between an insurance broker and insurance agent?

An insurance broker works independently. They will attempt to source the most appropriate insurance policies on your behalf at the most competitive premium they can negotiate for you.

An insurance agent, on the other hand, represents an insurance company or companies and therefore has no direct responsibility to ensure you are getting the most appropriate policy available. They will only select policies which represent the insurer/s interests.

Is it more expensive to use an insurance broker?

This is a common misconception. An insurance broker will negotiate the most competitive premiums they can on your behalf. This means in some cases premiums could be cheaper if you use an insurance broker.

In other cases, however, the premiums may be higher because of the broader coverage negotiated by your broker. This could mean your business would be covered in circumstances that the cheaper option did not cover.

What type of policies do you provide insurance broking services for?

We provides insurance broking services for a wide range of general insurance products including but not limited to:

  • Transport Package
  • Fleet
  • Public & Products Liability
  • Marine Transit
  • Business Interruption
  • Business Package
  • Trades Package
  • Office Package
  • Farm Package
  • Farm Motor


It’s best to contact us as we can provide suitable options for most businesses, large or small.

Which insurance companies do you deal with?

We have access to a wide range of insurance companies and specialist underwriting agencies, too many to list, but we only recommend reputable ones.

What is Steadfast?

Steadfast is Australia’s largest insurance broker network. This large scale gives the Steadfast Group flexibility and influence when negotiating with major insurers on behalf of Steadfast brokers and results in us being able to provide our customers with access to multiple insurance companies, a broad range of products, and competitive pricing.

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Who do I contact if I need to lodge a claim?

If you need to lodge a claim, contact us and we will guide you through the claims process.

We can assist you in lodging your claim quickly and obtaining claim updates from the insurer where needed. We can also provide you with advice on policy coverage, including any additional benefits your policy may provide which can be claimed.

What payment options do you provide?

We offer the following payments options:

  • BPAY
  • Cheque
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Premium Funding (Monthly repayments)